quarta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2013

The good is the base, the holy is the summit.

There is much that philosophy could learn from the Bible. To the philosopher the idea of the good is the most exalted idea. But to the Bible the idea of the good is penultimate; it cannot exist without the holy. The good is the base, the holy is the summit. Things created in six days He considered good, the seventh day He made holy.
To Jewish piety the ultimate human dichotomy is not of mind and matter but that of the sacred and the profane. We have know profanity too long and have become accustomed to think that the soul is an automaton. The law of the Sabbath tries to direct the body and the mind to the dimension of the holy. It tries to teach us that man stands not only in a relation to nature but in a relation also to the creator of nature.
What is the Sabbath? Spirit in the form of time.
Abraham Joshua Heschel, The Sabbath, FSG Classics, 2005, p.75. 

Para uma mente céptica que sentido faz falar do Sabath como a companheira sagrada e da alma que se relaciona com o criador? 
Todavia, o que realmente importa saber é: depois de tudo destruído pela dúvida racional - admitindo que ela é disso capaz - o que resta? O que fica para nos consolar?